Chromatin and Epigenetics

December 25, 2010

The main aim of this conference series is to present to a broad community the cutting edge developments in chromatin and epigenetics as they occur. Previous conferences of the series displayed one of the most exciting and steadily growing fields of research and provided an excellent platform to bring together top researchers working with different model organisms and methodological approaches with young scientists at the beginning of their career. In this tradition, the organizers want to continue the 3rd and last conference in the series in 2011, maintaining the basic structure but including topics that recently have proven relevant and fruitful.

The topics will include themes such as chromatin dynamics, non-coding RNAs, reprogramming, genomic stability as well as influence of environmental signals in regulation of complex regulatory networks.

Furthermore, while epigenetics and the core themes will still form the fundamental basis, the connection of epigenetics with systems biology is still in its infancy. To answer one of the big epigenetic questions such as “plasticity versus stability” it is high time to also look with the eyes of systems biology as it offers great potential for future translational and medical research. The list of invited speakers has been extended to include leading experts in functional genomics/systems biology that are also interested in the area of epigenetics.

We hope the conference will provide an ideal platform for interaction, discussions and collaborations between the two fields.

Overall we aim to provide to the international community one of the scientific highlights of the year where mainstream results will be presented by international speakers, complemented by poster presentations and talks selected among the submitted abstracts.

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany Wednesday 1 June - Sunday 5 June 2011

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